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We're proud of our history and we love being a small part of the UK's rural communities.

He supplies buildings in kit forms, gates, water troughs, concrete panels and more - Clayton Belcher, Belcher Farms

"We're a family farm," opens Clayton Belcher, who owns farms in Berkshire and Oxfordshire under the banner of Belcher Farms. "We've been farming for 40 years. My father started it, and we've built the business up over the years."

As Belcher explains, his successful business has built a strong working relationship with Philip Eaton. "Philip's been supplying us goods for many years."

He continues: "He supplies buildings in kit forms, gates, water troughs, concrete panels and more. He's pretty flexible – I've never had him say that he doesn't know where to get something." In fact, in just four years Philip Eaton has supplied the components to construct ten buildings.

Ready-to-go kits

"There have been a couple of industrial buildings, but it's mainly animal buildings," says Belcher. "The relationship goes back a long way."

Although many of Philip Eaton's clients rely on the company to design, supply and construct each structure, Belcher tends to receive the buildings in kit form. His own team then assembles each building on site. This means Belcher doesn't have to pay for external labour that he doesn't need.

"He'll do as much or as little as you want him to do," reckons Belcher. "We can do the construction cheaper ourselves, and we've got the skills to do it."

Pick the services you need

"Farming's our business," says Belcher, explaining how Philip Eaton's services complement the skills of his team. "Philip takes a lot of the strain. He does the research and comes up with the prices for two or three options. It gives us the time to do what we do best, while he does what he does best."

In all, it's clear that Belcher values Eaton's experience where it's needed, but also appreciates the fact he doesn't need to pay for anything he doesn't need. "He understands where we're coming from. You've only got to tell him once," concludes the successful farmer.

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