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We're proud of our history and we love being a small part of the UK's rural communities.

He's excellent to work with. He has a good, rounded knowledge of his business - Paul Thomas, Mortimer Lodge Farm

"Philip Eaton has supplied the family with farming products for as long as I can remember," says Paul Thomas, owner of Mortimer Lodge Farm, a family-run farm in Berkshire. "Eight years ago we moved to a farm three miles from Philip, and he's helping us to modernise it."

Paul is proud of his farm's prize-winning livestock. "We run 200 breeding ewes, plus followers. We have 120 commercial beef cattle and run a further 40 pedigree Blond d'Aquitaine sucklers."

"Last year Philip supplied us with new buildings, plus various internal equipment for the other buildings," he continues. "And we've just put up a new building designed by him to cater for pedigree cattle."

Supplying what you want

It's clear that the relationship between Paul and Philip Eaton is strong. But it wouldn't have survived if Philip Eaton hadn't provided excellent products and service over that long period.

"Phil is excellent to work with," agrees Paul, explaining that Eaton's willingness to listen has created some great results. "He has a good rounded knowledge of his business, but he's able to put that to one side and listen to what we need, because it doesn't fit the standard farming practice."

"He supplies what we want, rather than what he thinks we need."

Get the most for your budget

Paul acknowledges that Eaton's service doesn't focus on achieving the lowest possible price. "Phil's a good businessman," he elaborates. "Getting the best value for money for his client is more important than the final figure."

He cites a recent example: "When we were building this barn, I had other people quote for me. Phil wasn't the cheapest, but no one could get near him for the quality and long-term investment we gained from working with him."

"You get the complete package," concludes Paul. "Phil's not a hard salesman. But he does give you a very honest appraisal of what you can get. And he's not afraid to show where you can cut costs in other areas as well."

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