Kevin Futter works at PC Bath, a large arable farm in Bedfordshire. “We used to have quite a large pig unit,” he recalls, “but we closed that about five years ago, mainly for financial reasons. After a while we decided to do something with the derelict buildings, so we thought we’d try turning them into industrial and storage units.”

That’s when Philip Eaton first started working with Futter, helping to convert the existing buildings into commercial units. “To begin with, we wanted the wooden building’s cladding in tin,” explains Futter. “Once they were done, they looked completely different.”

Expertise and ideas

Futter was very happy with that initial work and has since worked with Philip Eaton on several other projects. “We’ve gone on from there. He’s brought all sorts to us,” confirms Futter, citing Eaton himself as a driving force behind the projects

“The first thing he does is to make an appointment and come and see you. You explain what you want to do, then he’ll give you ideas. He might say ‘it’d be better to do it this way’, and he’ll give you options on the material you can use for that.”

Futter continues, praising Eaton’s open pricing structure: “When he’s got a good idea of what you want, he’ll send you a detailed quote listing prices of absolutely every item he’ll be using on the job. You can see exactly what he’s charging for every item down to the screws.”

Quality workmanship

According to Futter, it’s not just in the preparation that Eaton provides such good service. He’s been impressed by the ongoing communication and quality of work. “Philip is very helpful,” he reckons. “You can always ring him at any time. And we’ve been really happy with the standard of workmanship.”

When the odd problem has occurred – as is inevitable on any construction project – Futter contrasts his experiences of other contractors with the service Eaton has provided: “It always seems easier to get things sorted with Philip. He gets things sorted straight away, with one phone call.”

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